2023 Graduate Webinar 5:Izwa Sahdi

As one of ISA's first graduates, what kind of challenges did she face in applying to universities? Facing heavy academic pressure, how does she balance studies and interests? After successfully applying to her dream university and major, what advice does she have for her fellow students?

2023 Graduate Webinar 4:Julia Zhu

Amidst the fierce competition of international university admissions, where grades, competitions, and research hold immense significance, how did she manage to distinguish herself and secure the coveted offer from her dream university? Among the multitude of programmes, how did she discover the profound love for her chosen field? In an increasingly homogeneous environment, how can one distinguish oneself from the masses?

2023 Graduate Webinar 3:Natalia Kang

A kite's flight, a dream's ascent, to art's palace they gracefully ascend. How did Natalia chase her dream and secure offers from renowned art schools? How does the holistic education of the IB blend academic and artistic pursuits, allowing students to embrace both intellectual study and immersive artistic exploration?





USD 4.97






USD 1.52


University offers
for the first cohort of ISA graduate students

G5 Universities in UK

Top 20 universities in USA

Top 3 universities in Hong Kong (China)

Top 2 universities in Canada

G8 universities in Australia

Top 10 art schools in the world


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Art Schools

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