ISA Wenhua International Center for A Level

ISA Wenhua A Level Programme: A New Path from the Beautiful Campus to World-renowned Universities



CURRICULUM: IGCSE 1-2 years & A Level 2 years

AGE RANGE: 14-16


ISA Wenhua International Center for A Level is based in the beautiful campus of ISA Science City. The Center boasts of an excellent management and faculty team. The main courses include two stages, respectively IGCSE as the first stage, and the A Level program as the second. The Center also offers diversified modules for academic courses, inquiry courses, enrichment courses and other well being courses. The Center is dedicated to holistic education, with high-quality pastoral care, supported by the house system and the tutor system.


ISA Wenhua International Center for A Level also offers art courses, including Graphic Design, Fine Arts, 3D Design and Printing, and Textile Design.


After completing IGCSE courses, the student can, in the light of his own ambition, interests and strengths, choose one programme, either IBDP, A Level, AP or International Art, which provide them with opportunities to access the world’s top universities.





No.66 Yushu South Road, Science City

Huangpu District




PHONE NUMBER: +86 18520686218


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