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ISA Schools & Programmes 〉ISA Wenhua Guangzhou Foreign Language School alevel Programme

ISA Wenhua A Level

An Internationally Recognised Curriculum, Explored through a Student-Centred and Inquiry-Based Approach

  • Based in the beautiful campus of ISA Science City. The Centre boasts highly professional leadership and faculty teams. The four-year programme includes two stages, IGCSE as the first stage, and A Level as the second.
  • For students who are interested in Arts, the Centre offers A Level Art courses. The Centre also employs a variety of instructional models: inquiry-based as well as direct instruction
  • Enrichment and wellbeing courses are offered as well. The Centre is dedicated to holistic education, with high-quality pastoral care, supported by a house system and a tutor system.
ISA Wenhua International Centre for A Level

Address: 66 Yushu South Road, Science City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou


TEL: +86 18520686218

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