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ISA Wuhan School

A New Benchmark of International Education in Central China

  • ISA Wuhan, a world-class International Education project in Central China that the ISAIEG has invested over 250 million dollars in. The school will officially launch in 2022 as planned.
  • The school has an area of 113,000 square metres, is located in the Junshan New Town, Wuhan, beside the Yangtze River, close to Fenglin Station on Metro Line 16.
  • ISA Wuhan combines a K-12 ISA International School for foreign passport holding students and an ISA Wenhua School for mainland Chinese ID-holding students.
  • The campus has a total capacity of 4000 students.
ISA Wuhan International School(Open in 2022)

Inquiry Centre Address: CITIC Pacific 2901, Jiang'an District, Wuhan, Hubei

School Address: Fenglin 4th Road, Wuhan Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei


TEL: +86 1777-181-0077

For further information, please go to

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