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Liwan Innovation Centre


International Education Ecosystem with Multicultural Integration

About Liwan Innovation Centre

Centered around four major themes (including engineering, robotics, multimedia, future agriculture), the Liwan Innovation Center offers comprehensive science practical courses for primary and secondary school students.

Building upon serving ISA students, we aim to collaborate with schools, enterprises, and communities in the Greater Bay Area to cultivate versatile talents equipped with innovative thinking skills that meet the needs of future society.


Innovation Centre Liwan Purposes

To build a top-notch and world-leading innovation center at Liwan ISA School in Guangzhou, China, empowering education with innovation and achieving precise supply. Facing the era of deep integration between humans and machines, the Internet, IoT, and AI technologies will be comprehensively promoted and applied within ISA Education Group.

Simultaneously, by promoting Lingnan culture and modern agricultural studies, the school is committed to inheriting and promoting the unique cultural heritage of the Lingnan region, allowing students to deeply understand the charm and historical accumulation of Lingnan culture. On the other hand, by introducing modern agricultural content, students are nurtured to develop interest and understanding in the field of agriculture, sparking their thoughts on food production, environmental protection, and sustainable development. This aims to cultivate talents for future agricultural innovation and development, promoting interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and integration, providing a broader space for their comprehensive development.

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The Liwan Innovation Center collaborates with top STEAM curriculum and product providers both domestically and internationally, focusing on four major workshop themes for cooperation and customized course development. ISA International Education Group aims to establish a leading K12 school science and technology innovation curriculum system through Innovation Center, holding partial intellectual property rights for certain courses, to better serve ISA students, the Guangzhou-Foshan region, and the Great Bay Area. This initiative is intended to provide high-quality educational resources for local students, promote technological innovation and educational development, and contribute to the progress of regional education.

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A wide range of computer-controlled equipment and tools, such as laser cutters, vinyl cutters and CNC milling machines


Fab Lab software is selected for public accessibility.

Other Equipment

Various other equipment is available in the Fab Lab workshops for prototyping


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Hailong Road,Liwan District,Guangzhou (only 800 meters from the Longxi Station of the Guangzhou-Foshan Metro Line.)