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Science City Innovation Centre


International Education Ecosystem with Multicultural Integration

About Science City Innovation Centre

The Science City Innovation Center focuses on six major themes (including engineering, creative art, robotics, AI & Coding, multimedia, biodiversity), offering comprehensive science practical courses for primary and secondary school students.

Building upon serving ISA students, we aim to become a bridge connecting with the community and schools. We plan to engage in inter-school exchanges with Guangzhou No.5 Middle School, Guangzhou Experimental School affiliated to Beijing Normal University, Guangzhou Huangpu Experimental School, etc. We also look forward to collaborating with local enterprises through the Science Association to cultivate versatile talents equipped with innovative thinking skills that meet the needs of future society.


Technology Empowers Education

Achieves Precise Supply

The era of deep integration of human being and machine is coming. Internet, IoT and AI technologies will be fully promoted and applied in ISA International Education Group. New technologies will be used to reconstruct the school's scientific innovation teaching process, covering teaching, learning, research, examination, evaluation, management and every aspect of home-school cooperation.

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ISA Innovation Centre focuses on six theme workshops to connect with the best STEM courses and product providers in the industry at home and abroad, and conducts cooperation and curriculum customization research and development on the basis of 6 workshops. ISA International Education Group hopes to use this technology center to build The domestic & K12 school is leading and has some intellectual property rights of the science and technology curriculum system; it can better meet the growth needs of students and achieve a lifelong curriculum. In turn, a complete science and technology education ecosystem will be formed to serve ISA students, surrounding communities and South China.

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A wide range of computer-controlled equipment and tools, such as laser cutters, vinyl cutters and CNC milling machines


Fab Lab software is selected for public accessibility.

Other Equipment

Various other equipment is available in the Fab Lab workshops for prototyping


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66 Yushu South Road,Science City,Huangpu District,Guangzhou